About us

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Elios came about in 2015, when we both found ourselves having to decide on the future of our career paths.

We were both dissatisfied with our jobs, both fed up with working for other people’s dreams.

Despite coming from different backgrounds, what we had in common was a love of nature and of Sicily and the desire to revitalise our families’ agricultural holdings, which up to that point had been under the thumb of the industrial groups to which we sold our grapes and olives for next to nothing.


Our idea was to produce:

  • wine by natural methods (without using synthetic chemicals), from the grapes that our parents sold to major wineries, thus giving the grapes the chance to truly express themselves and recover their lost dignity;

  • high-quality extra virgin olive oil, following the entire production process carefully (our parents had always sold it locally and a small amount abroad but always at too low a price to justify paying meticulous attention to the production stages);

  • honey, the product that our parents did not produce until 2015 and on which we decided to take a chance out of the love and respect we have for bees, by creating a new hive station with native Sicilian bees.



I graduated in Computer Engineering in 2009 and in the following years I worked as a software designer and developer. Despite loving my job, every day I spent programming made me increasingly feel the need to seek greater contact with nature.

With Elios I feel I have finally found my ideal balance, combining my engineering skills with agricultural entrepreneurship



I graduated in Oenology in 2010 and worked as a consultant in the following years.

In my years of experience as a wine consultant I become aware that wine should not be a chemical product to be adapted to consumers’ tastes, but an expression of the nature and the characteristics of the terroir that the grapes come from.


Our fathers